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Friday, June 10, 2016

Stories of Friendship Initiative

My first genuine encounter with the Friendship Force wasn't the mission statement I read on the website, nor was it any one of the elaborate descriptions of upcoming exchanges on the online catalog. It was when one of the Board Members shared a quick story about the people they met in their traveling with the Friendship Force over the years and how their pool of friends, once small, now reached far and wide.  This encounter, reminiscent of those experienced by thousands of Friendship Force members, helps codify for me the nearly palpable power of our mission in action.

Fulbright Scholar and renowned professor of storytelling Robert McKee once said, "Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today."  The idea that it is our similarities, not our differences, that bring us together is only validated with the personal stories we tell of our own experiences.

First Story of Friendship Submission
February 2016
Friendship Force has a long and wonderful history of facilitating these kind of experiences for countless individuals around the world.  As we look to the future of Friendship Force and for ways to share the good work of our organization I challenge you to ask yourself, "Is it time for me to share one of my stories?"

Friendship Force International's Stories of Friendship initiative has already brought in dozens of stories, but one story is still missing: yours. So, please - share it with us today.

Visit www.storiesoffriendship.org